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Paradise Bhutto County Fire Defense North Defense Force is here to help the victims of Camp Fire. I will help you if you are injured in the fire Paradise Bhutto County fire lawyer, North California fire defense lawyer and North California fire defense lawyer are here to help the victims of the camp fire. If you hurt or lose your family, you have a legal right to talk to your lawyer about your agency. We always talk to the victims of the Northern California fire for free. If you apply for a place, you won't pay. Our law firm is paying unexpected accident costs. That is, they are paid only through a settlement or decision that is beneficial to the customer. At present, more than 80 people have been confirmed dead in the camp fire. Thousands remain missing. Countless numbers of people continue to suffer serious burns on their bodies. The people of heaven have lost their homes. #paradisestrong Rebuilding life after a devastating disaster will be a major hurdle. The current evidence is important to PG&E, a utility that manages the electrical network in California, Batte County. As with last year's fire, the PG&E device may have caused a fire in the Nokar Camp, destroying the paradise and spreading quickly throughout Bhutto County. The camp fire was considered the most deadly and dangerous fire in the state's history...