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Even in the face of petty and felony, you have the right to a lawyer to represent your interests and to ensure a fair trial. A criminal lawyer can provide these and many other services to help you with criminal prosecution. The Stefana Law Office, Femino, represents the case of Chico and its surrounding areas and is committed to providing thorough defense to all of our customers. The members Dell maintains include the following California Criminal Justice Lawyers, the U.S. Bar Association, the California Bar Association, the Batte County Bar Association, the National Criminal Lawyers Association, and the California DUI Bar Association.





My name is Mike L. I tried to solve my billing problem without listening to Mrs. Fémino and the staff. I was emotional and gave me the opportunity to solve the problem without saying anything. She is a diligent, hardworking, and a good lawyer, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a professional representative. I was very unfair, so please ignore my previous review. I'm sorry for Stephana and Sauna! !

12/27/2020 06:48pm



In my 57-year life, I have exercised my authority of representation both personally and professionally and legally. After the agreed payment is fully cashed, the results are accompanied by MS. Femino was in a worse position than before. He is a principal who doesn't respond to forms and forms, such as email, messages from receptionists, and correspondence in writing. Yes. A few years later, I still have an unsolved case. I went until I provided additional funds to put this hardship off. To say it again, there is no answer. Mr. Fémino never recommends anyone I like.

12/30/2020 02:24pm