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After I quit my first career as law enforcement officer, I graduated from school at a CSU in Chico. While working with the Community Legal Information Center (CLIC), he became interested in the role of attorney in the judicial system. I started working with detective Den A. Cameron decided to enter law school. As I went to criminal defense and law schools, I wanted to help people through the criminal prosecution system and balance the constitution. I graduated from law school, passed the bar exam and opened an office to meet my goal of helping others.

Established in 2012


I'm a general practitioner of California law, focusing on criminal and civil defense suits. I provide legal services in all areas of the penal code, including: Sex crimes, including DUI defense, medical cannabis issues, serious and violent felony, cuts and spending, and registration requirements. Civil law is also enforced in the areas of contracts, trade laws, public office laws, wills and trusts.

I'm from San Diego, who was born and raised in California. When I grew up in San Diego, I regularly participated in sports such as water polo, wrestling and track and field.   After I graduated from high school, I moved to Davis, went to the University of California at Davis, and started law enforcement.   After spending several years in Davis, California, I moved to San Jose, California, and continued the law enforcement until I moved to Chico, California.   While working at a law enforcement agency in northern States, I met my wife. He was a big car accident site that worked as a parametric person.   A few years later, we get married, buy a house and raise two wonderful children.

Matthew C.
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A friend introduced me to Matthew Bent about his legal work  Since I met Mr. Vent from the first moment, I knew I had made the right choice! Mr. Babley went over my options in detail.  What really moved me was the time he spent with me (not charged for the time).  I'm not a big "Yelper", but I was very satisfied with Mr. Benz's service, so I wanted to let other people know his job.

12/31/2020 02:02pm