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Andrew D Holley - Attorney for Immigrants


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After he passed the California State Legislature in 2010, he entered San Francisco under the direction of a respected and experienced lawyer. He is in exile, remission of hardship, naturalization, marriage visa, prosecution discretion, DACA ("Dreamers"), U Visas & amp; He represented many customers. VAWA。 He moved to Los Angeles and ran the Deportation Defense Department for a company in downtown. Andrew moved to Chico in January 2014 and took over the Criminal Defense Department for a large number of law firms. Andrew took the opportunity to set up The Northern California Ompriant Resource Center in Chico, a non-profit organization aimed at providing free legal advice to immigrants. Later, in 2014, she divorced her husband and started her own activities by focusing on the expression of immigrants on various issues such as employment, crime prevention, immigration and deportation.

Established in 2014


I'm working for immigrants in northern California. Years of experience in U.S. immigration courts. Green cards, visas and citizenship. specialized in preventing immigration criminal charges

Andrew Holly was born and raised in Foster City, on the San Francisco Peninsula.   As a child of migrants and blue-collar workers, I have learned to love and respect all kinds of races and people since my childhood. After visiting more than 20 countries, and exploring the United States on a bike, I returned to California to start a university.   I majored in economics at the University of California Riverside, majored in philosophy, made Dean' s List over and over, and graduated in 2007 with the Crown.   Before leaving the riverside, he created and proposed a book rental program to save millions of students, and went to the school. He started his first economic education program.   He entered the Faculty of Law at Santa Clara University, Catherine and amp; I worked with him at the immigration office. George Alexander Law Center in downtown San Jose.

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Professional kindness! I recommend it. When you need a lawyer in the Immigration Office, Andrew's coming to see you!

12/28/2020 12:47am



If possible, I'll give this fool ten dollars.  
I did not come to the immigration inspection.  Then he blamed him for not calling.
Nothing, so I took over $1,000!
Our case made me think that it would be an urgent transaction that would not be possible without him.  It was a simple and clean problem to eliminate the confusion of immigration.

Don't go to this man for legal advice on immigration! !!

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12/30/2020 08:01pm



I have known Mr. Holly for almost two years as a professional.  He has helped many of my students and parents, and they all appreciate his work. He is a positive and positive member of the community and I have witnessed his knowledge and expertise in many of his free immigrant clinics.  Holly puts his reputation and the happiness of immigrants above the level of earning money.

12/31/2020 08:33am