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Bidwell Presbyterian Church


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208 W 1st St



Our mission is to fulfill the order of Christ, who made his disciples. - Matthew 28:19 The BPC is located in downtown Chico, adjacent to the CSU Chico, and has a mission-oriented direction to provide service to others. The church has recently been recognized as one of the fastest growing Congregation Groups in the United States, and has been growing rapidly since the current Senior Citizens Pastor came in September 1998. All the regions of my ministry are in full bloom. Today, on Sunday mornings, they have a traditional chapel and a modern chapel, and on Sunday mornings they have an alternative chapel at Elley Theater for university students and young adults. We have a healthy church, and we have a lot of laughter and joy in both church service, staff, and interaction with leaders. People like to work here, and the staff enjoy each other and support each other.